Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oops... I did it again

Good news! I went to my second class. Bad news. I went to my second class in a bad mood. Apparently, the sacred domain of the yoga room is a place where you are supposed to forget time. There are no watches, no clocks, no cell phones. It sort of reminds me of my 9th grade algebra teacher who had a sign over the classroom clock that read, 'Time will pass. Will you?" But before class, I was attempting to balance my budget on a paycheck that needs to be spread as thinly as possible. I weighed the heaviest I had in months and it resulted in another small meltdown. I went in, frustrated that I kept wobbling to the point that my teacher came over to me and whispered, "Grace." I couldn't tell if she was trying to tell me to cool it or mocking me. I think it was the former. My cousin Felicia, who has a lot of the same idiosyncrasies I have messaged me to let me know that she, too, had taken up yoga. She shared a photo of Britney Spears in a headstand to inspire me. (If you know know I have a soft spot for Britney). This inspired me. Britney had a rough period. She gained weight. She got dumped. She shaved her head. (I haven't done that yet) So if Britney can do take a photo like this.
Someday, I will post one as well. But not yet. All you get now is my sweaty locker room photo.
More later.

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